Photos That Sell

In a sea of listings, your house needs to stand out.

Whether you are an independent homebuyer or a real estate agent looking for a dedicated photographer, Greter Photography can fulfill your real estate photography needs. Using HDR techniques and fill light, we not only show what your house looks like, we show what it feels like as well!

A consultation is highly recommended before shooting to ensure that your house is camera ready! It is important that your house is ready to shoot upon photographer arrival to ensure the best real estate photography experience.

About Pricing

Prices vary by square footage of the property. All outdoor buildings and amenities (pools, sheds, gazebos, etc.) will be photographed unless otherwise requested. Unfinished basements are not photographed unless otherwise requested.
You will receive 20-45 digital photos depending on the size and features of the property.



Less than
2,000 sq. ft.


2,000 sq. ft. 
- 3,499 sq. ft.


3,500 sq. ft.  

- 4,999 sq. ft.


5,000 sq. ft.
or greater



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